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BendyBooks UK is a group of websites that provide visitors access to free resources, downloads and news on books. This site is currently being developed.

In the meantime please find below a list of current online book and eBook merchants. These are some of the best out there and if you intend on buying online then you can trust them to provide you with the best prices and service around.

Best of luck! – BendyBooks

The best known place for eBooks. This site has a huge range of titles in some of the most popular eBook formats. They have been online since 2000 and they aim “…to be the pre-eminent eBookstore on the Internet”.

eBook Formats:

Selection of Authors

Selection of Genres


Sony Connect

Okay, so you will need a Reader Digital Book (PRS-505) to read their Connect books (I have one myself) but if you are into eBooks then this is one of those ‘must have’ devices.



No list of online book stores would be complete without including Amazon. They are the oldest and largest seller of books online. With their recent release of the Kindle (U.S. & Canada only) they are now venturing more strongly into the eBook market (They also own

Website: / / / /


Fictionwise have grown into a great online store. They have a very unique business model which no other eBook store uses. Along with all the popular formats they also allow their consumers to purchase ‘Multiformat’ eBooks. When you buy one of these you actually get access to the same title but in several different formats. A very useful feature in protecting yourself against the future and any eBook format wars!

eBook Formats:

Like they have all the top authors and genres for you to choose from.


Project Gutenberg

PG is the oldest archive for online Public Domain eBooks, and they are all free to download. They currently have over 27,000 titles available in several formats including Plucker and HTML, although their dominant format is Plain Vanilla TXT files. As these are just plain text files they are not formatted in a very pretty way (no fancy chapter headings of footnotes), but at least there is a huge library to choose from.



This project aims to convert all the PG files to the various different formats available including; PDF, Sony Reader, Kindle, Mobipocket (PRC), etc. They provide a really nice service although on the downside, they are still using the PG files so they are still not so pretty to look at.